About Us

Based in South King County, WA

We provide comprehensive support to BIPOC youth.

The BIPOC Apostrophe is a non-profit organization that provides support for young people who identify as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color). Its primary objective is to promote the well-being of these young people, with a particular focus on those residing in the South King County area.

Our organization is committed to being non-discriminatory and working with individuals of all races and ethnicities. However, our focus is to provide support to those who have historically been marginalized or underserved.

Our Mission

The mission of BIPOC Apostrophe is to promote equity and empowerment for BIPOC youth by advocating for their rights and well-being through legislative efforts, and by providing a range of support services. These services include counseling, mental health support, job readiness training, housing assistance, financial literacy education, and mentorship programs. We are committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for young members of the BIPOC community in South King County to thrive.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a resilient, healthy, and successful generation of youth that take active participation in everyday life within their respective communities. We aim to achieve a safe and supportive environment for young members of the BIPOC community within South King County to thrive in.

Why BIPOC Apostrophe?

The reason for the name “BIPOC Apostrophe” is that an apostrophe is a punctuation mark used to indicate possession, which can be used for intentional exclusion or intentional inclusion. The foundation seeks to recognize and address historical and ongoing exclusion of BIPOC individuals, while also actively working towards greater inclusion and equity.

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