The Restorative Program

Restorative services for those impacted by juvenile detention and human trafficking

The Restorative Program provides a combination of protection, healthcare, and support services along with mental health counseling resources. The program is made up of two parts: youth in juvenile detention, and the human trafficking of youth.

Youth in Juvenile Detention

Youth coming out of detention need support to follow the court guidelines and remain out of legal trouble. The BIPOC Apostrophe Foundation will provide support and resources so they can maintain their physical, mental, and psychological health and prevent relapses and repeat offenses. This activity will be conducted by volunteers of the organization with mental health services being referred to qualified providers.

Human Trafficking of Youth

Youth being human trafficked either in labor rings or in the sex trades. Youth being human trafficked requires protection, protective housing support and referrals to police and agency supports. These situations require a great deal of trust as many are afraid to disclose their situation. Additionally, the organization will collaborate with other human trafficking organizations to provide resources and services as well advocacy for the issues.

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