The Salam Program

Reducing gun violence and drug abuse in low-income families

The program’s name comes from the Arabic word for peace, “Salam”. This name speaks directly to our vision of peace, prosperity and inclusion among our diverse communities. The program addresses reduction of gun violence and drug abuse in low-income families.

The Process:

  1. Data is gathered on income and crime rates, and we collaborate with law enforcement and the community on possible solutions.
  2. The outreach team works with school officials to determine who needs help and what resources they may need.
  3. The Outreach team will coordinate with a Case Manager who will then work directly with the student and parents, establishing the possible root causes of the issue, and enrolling them in the Salam Program.
  4. The Case Manager will coordinate and collaborate with local organizations to assist participants with education, employment, and behavioral services and provide logistical support.


Mental Health

These services are provided through referrals to mental health providers that will work collaboratively with the organization for needed assessment and services.

Employment Readiness

Youth will learn how to write a resume, do interviews, understand businesses

Academic Support

Tutoring and educational support will be provided for students to remain in school and succeed

Housing Referrals & Support

Youth facing homelessness will be connected with housing options

Financial Literacy

Youth will learn how to manage money

Financial Aid

Financial assistence…


The organization provides volunteer mentors from different walks of life to guide the youth and provide resources and support.

The first Salam Program will be conducted in Renton, Washington and funded with a 4 year contact in 10 Renton Schools.

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